Music for the Ocean

On this day 20 November 1820, a mighty sperm whale bull rammed and sank the American whaler, Essex. Her fateful final voyage made global news, and inspired Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Two centuries later, Montegrappa has joined forces with Sea Shepherd to recount an epic sea battle, and highlight mankind’s continued assault on ocean life. Sea Shepherd was founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson. Sailing under a rejigged Jolly Roger flag, our partner patrols the oceans with a ‘vigilante’ brand of direct-action activism. For Montegrappa’s collaboration with the Sea Shepherd Global, singer/songwriter Camilla Fascina has dedicated a special composition. The song The Victory of the Whale marks a continuation of her support of Sea Shepherd’s volunteers and their mission to defend, conserve and protect the oceans. Proceeds from all sales proudly support their efforts to fearlessly defend life and diversity in the oceans. A top-tier fountain pen and rollerball are each made in limited editions of 200 hundred pieces to mark the bicentenary of the Essex sinking, and the unsung whale that brought about her demise. #victoryofthewhale #protecttheocean #protecttheplanet #montegrappaitalia #seashepheard #mobydick #hermanmelville